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The Open Biobank is a network of bio-banks, collaborators, and consumers supplying or acquiring samples that are proactively acquired for future testing, analysis, and/or replenishment for human life.

Our goal is to supply quality samples to clinicians and researchers with making their ordering experience convenient, accessible, and
available 24/7.

Suppliers that we distribute for are Bio-Banks, Tissues Banks, and Seed Banks who supply samples to the open life science community. Samples are stored in bio-repositories, physical and data storage facilities with various controlled environments normally containing associated data history on the sample(s) sourced. We have a policy to provide all consumers with documentation from suppliers on the state, procedures, protocols, and historical data on sample handling and testing analysis on samples ordered from suppliers.

In choosing samples to order, suppliers categorize the usage, handling, environment, and application of samples to properly supply samples to users. However, users expect information on sample handling, collection or harvesting, storage, management, shipment, and other logistical considerations that may affect sample quality and impact sample use.